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English Academic Writing Course for Graduate Students at Faculty of Letters, Arts and Sciences (Basic)

English Academic Writing Course for Graduate Students at Faculty of Letters, Arts and Sciences (Basic)


Research Institute for Letters, Arts and Sciences (RILAS) at Waseda University will hold English Academic Writing Course on Wednesday, February 3, 2021. This course is designed to make your writing appear more “academic,” so the focus is on introducing the type of language commonly used in English academic papers. In this course, students analyze published articles in the humanities and/or social science, and through hands-on activities, learn expressions that have certain functions in research papers, such as stating the goal of their research, citing sources, and giving interpretations. This course is best suited for those who are interested in writing research papers in English, especially those who want to learn useful vocabulary and phrases in academic papers.


Instructor: Peter Chin (Waseda University Academic Solutions Corporation)

Date and Time: February 3, 2021 4th period (14:45~16:15)

Venue: online live lesson

Language: English

Target: Graduate students at Graduate School of Letters, Arts and Sciences, Waseda University

Level: Basic

Capacity: 15 students

Application Deadline: January 26, 2021

Application Fee: Free


How to Apply:


Pre-course Assignment: You will be asked to work on an assignment (1 hour or so) before the course. The details will be announced around January 27, 2021.


[Course Contents]

  • The structure of an academic paper and common expressions

Elements of an academic paper (stating the research purpose, reporting research findings etc.)

Activity to learn common expressions

  • Practice with academic writing resources

Online phrasebanks

Activity to familiarize students with phrasebanks

  • Writing tips for making your paper look more “academic”

Academic words and phrases (e.g. hedging, reporting verbs, conjunctive adverbs, noun clauses)

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