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About the Center


1.The Founding Goal

The Institute takes as its goal to enrich research in the fields of specialization within the Faculty of Letters, Arts and Sciences and, at the same time, to create new academic research fields that reflect changing social conditions. In addition, it aims to facilitate the further activation and clarification of research activities, passing on the results of that research in a way that contributes to society.

2.The Institute’s Members and Organization

The Institute’s membership is comprised of full-time faculty members of the Faculty of Letters, Arts and Sciences or other faculties (including fixed-term faculty members and assistant professors), as well as assistants and visiting lecturers.

3.Main Activities

  • Surveys, research and education
  • Holding research meetings, lectures and meetings for the presentation of research papers
  • Commissioned surveys and research
  • Support of research groups on campus
  • Communication of research results
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