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[October 27, 2021] English Academic Writing Course for Graduate Students at Faculty of Letters, Arts and Sciences (Introduction)

English Academic Writing Course for Graduate Students at Faculty of Letters, Arts and Sciences (Introduction)

This course focuses on (1) the vocabulary and phrases often used in academic contexts and (2) how to cite outside sources appropriately. The course is taught in plain English by an instructor with a lot of experience in teaching academic writing. In a 90 minute workshop with lecture and practice, you will be able to learn very basics of writing academic papers.

We will use published articles in humanities social science as examples so that you can apply the skills you learned in this workshop to your own academic papers. Also, learning how to “write” papers will help you to “read” academic articles skillfully.

The course is a first step for students who plan to submit papers in English to academic journal in the future.

[This course is for those who …]
– have never written academic papers in English
– want to learn essential expressions necessary for academic writing
– have written a short report in English, but have never written academic English extensively

[Course contents]
(1) Developing ideas using claims, supporting evidence, and effective explanations and appropriate vocabulary
(2) In-text citation and how to make a work cited list in APA and CMS style
(3) Vocabulary and expressions useful in academic papers

Instructor: An instructor from Waseda University Academic Solutions Corporation
Date and Time: Wednesday, October 27, 4th period (14:45-16:15)
Venue: Online live lesson (Zoom)
Language: English
Target: Students at Waseda University Graduate School of Letters, Arts and Sciences
Capacity: 15 students
Application deadline: Tuesday, October 19
How to Apply: Click HERE for the application form
Pre-course assignment: You will be asked to work on an assignment (1 hour or so) before the course. The details will be announced by around October 20.

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