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Harnessing its unique features as a university, Waseda University works hard to fuse several disciplines—including the humanities, the social sciences and the natural sciences—to generate high-level research that will contribute to the world at large. As part of the “Waseda Goes Global” initiative (also known as the “Ocean Initiative”) which is supported as a top level initiative by the Top Global University Project, we will invest in six areas with already established international reputations—Japan Culture Studies, Physics and Mathematics, NanoEnergy Materials, ICT & Robotics, Health and Sport Sciences and Positive Political Economy—and boost our reputation even further. With competition between universities becoming fiercer both inside and outside Japan, our goal at Waseda University is to create a “Waseda” that will be a world leader in education and research. Across our university, we must join hands and move forward in order to realize our goal of being “The Best” globally in a wide range of fields—”The Best Education,” “The Best Research” and, finally, “The Best Community.” A desire for challenge and progress has been cultivated throughout Waseda’s history and I believe that now is the moment to let this spirit come into full bloom and lead us to substantial achievements.

President of Waseda University
Kaoru Kamata

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