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Established in 1999, the Waseda University Research Collaboration and Promotion Center manages Waseda University intellectual property and research contracts regarding industry-academia-government collaboration and promotes the development of practical applications of the intellectual property through technology transfers. The Center also actively engages in promoting incubation activities for technology invented at the university.

Collaboration among industry, academia, and government is indispensable for the advancement of universities as well as the revitalization of industry. Moreover, because Japan seeks to have technology drive the nation’s overall development, universities can be said to have a particularly vital role to play given the importance of advancing science and technology in this context.

I believe it is the mission of universities to contribute to the further development of industry and the realization of a sustainable society, by creating innovations through industry-academia-government collaboration seeing the world as its stage. In addition to building a solid foundation for industry-academia-government collaboration at Waseda, the Research Collaboration and Promotion Center will seek the “practical utilization of knowledge,” which is key to Waseda’s mission.


Patent Acquisition (TLO)

  • Consultation offered to inventors
  • Discovering of invention, research of prior art, and assessment of technology
  • Application, maintenance, and management of patents

Technology Transfer Activities (TLO)

  • Coordination between corporate needs and academic seeds of research and technology
  • Production of contracts
  • Negotiation and conclusion of contracts
  • Restoring royalty revenue to inventors

Support activities for venture businesses(Incubation Promotion Office)

  • Use of the university’s infrastructure
  • Management guidance and consulting
  • Support for capital/fundraising
  • Support for promoting cooperation with external companies, affiliated and/or relevant
  • companies, governmental departments and local governments

Industry Contact

WASEDA Technology Licencing Organization (TLO)

 Address Room No.201, Building No.9
1-104, Totsuka-machi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 169-8050,Japan
 TEL +81-3-5286-9867
 FAX +81-3-5286-8374
 E-mail  [email protected]


 Traffic Access
 Suvway Tozai Line It is 10 minutes on foot from Waseda Station.
 Subway Fukutoshin Line It is 20 minutes on foot from Nishi-Waseda Station.
 Toden Arakawa Line It is 13 minutes on foot from Waseda Station.
 Toei Bus TakadanobabaEki. via Sodaiseimon,学02 (Gaku No02) / ShibuyaHigashiguchi via SodaiSeimon, 早81 (Haya No81) / ShinjukuNishiguchi via Waseda, 早77(Haya No77) / UenoMatsuzakayaMae via Waseda, 上58 (Ue No58)


Incubation  Promotion Center

 Address WASEDA UNIVERSITY Incubation Center,
1-22-3 Nishiwaseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 162-0051, Japan
 TEL +81-3-5286-9868
 FAX +81-3-5286-9885
 E-mail [email protected]


 Traffic Access
 Toden Arakawa Line It is 1 minutes on foot from Waseda Station.
 Subway Tozai Line It is 9 minutes on foot from Waseda Station.
 Subway Fukutoshin Line It is 15 minutes on foot from Nishi-Waseda Station.
 Toei Bus TakadanobabaEkimae via KansenenKoenmae,
飯64 (Ii No64) or 上69 (Ue No69) It is 1minutes on foot from KansenenKoenmae.
TakadanobabaEkimae via Nishi-Waseda, 学02 (Gaku No02)
It is 2 minutes on foot from NishiWaseda
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