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Waseda Innovation Laboratory(WIN-Lab)



Director:Junichi YAMANOI
Associate Professor, Faculty of Commerce

Research theme

Investigating the Multilevel Mechanisms of Innovation: A Multidisciplinary Approach

Research overview

The goal of the institute is to identify factors promoting or hindering innovation processes taking place during each of three stages (idea generation, idea implementation, and market competition) and across three levels (country/industry/eco-system, firm/organization, and team/individual). In particular, members aim to employ theory from management, marketing, economics, and related areas to guide quantitative investigations into how relevant factors influence innovation processes and outcomes.

The institute intends to complete the four projects over the course of the 5-year term for the laboratory:

1, Exploring the antecedents of team learning from failure

Although the process of trial-and-error is crucial for producing valuable innovation, research exploring how individuals and teams approach and learn from errors is limited. Moreover, the salience of external context to group processes suggests the need for research into the moderating effects of organizational and social institutions on team learning. Using experimental and field methods, this project will investigate how teams frame and approach failure as well as learning in order to develop improved interaction processes for innovative products.

2, Antecedents of and influences on the process of new venture founding

Promising innovations frequently stimulate new venture founding. Recently, scholars have begun to investigate the impact of social institutions, such as legal systems and subsidies, on new venture founding. However, our understanding about what characteristics of individuals and teams promote or hinder new venture founding process and performance remains limited. This project explores the factors surrounding such multi-level relationships from the perspectives of organizational behavior and institutional theory.

3, Network relationships and innovation outcomes at the firm and individual levels

Previous studies have demonstrated that relationships among individuals, teams, and firms with diverse skills and knowledge are a critical element for sparking innovation. Applying a network perspective to the analysis of firm and patent data, this project will conduct a quantitative investigation of the interactive effects of individual/team relationships, organizational practices, and social institutions on innovation characteristics and productivity.

4, Social institutions and innovation outcomes

This study adopts a cross-country comparative perspective to identify those aspects of social institutions that promote or hinder outcomes at three stages innovation development: idea generation, idea implementation, and market competition.


YAMANOI, Junichi(Associate Professor, School of Commerce)
ITOH, Hideshi(Professor, Graduate School of Business and Finance)
INOUE, Tatsuhiko(Professor, School of Commerce)
EDMAN, Jesper Carl Goeran(Associate Professor, School of Commerce)
OIKAWA, Koki(Professor, School of Social Sciences)
ONISHI, Koichiro(Associate Professor, School of Education)
OWAN, Hideo(Professor, School of Political Science and Economics)
OSAKI, Yusuke(Associate Professor, School of Commerce)
KAWAKAMI, Tomoko(Professor, Graduate School of Business and Finance)
KAWAMURA, Kohei(Professor, School of Political Science and Economics)
KIKUCHI, Yuta(Assistant Professor(without tenure), Graduate School of Commerce)
KITO, Tomomi(Associate Professor, School of Creative Science and Engineering)
SAYAMA, Hiroki(Professor(without tenure), School of Commerce)
SHIMIZU, Takumi(Associate Professor(without tenure), Graduate School of Business and Finance)
SHIMIZU, Hiroshi(Associate Professor, School of Commerce)
FRANK, Bjoern(Associate Professor, School of Commerce)
MALEN, Joel Baker(Associate Professor, School of Commerce)
MITSUHASHI, Hitoshi(Professor, School of Commerce)
MIYAJIMA, Hideaki(Professor, School of Commerce)
MURASE, Toshio(Associate Professor, School of Commerce)
YAGO, Kazuhiko(Professor, School of Commerce)

Adjunct Researcher

Shigefumi Makino
Toru Yoshikawa
Yoshio Yanatori
Hanako Murase
Yosuke Hashidate
Yusuke Fukazawa
Takada Naoki
Ueta Toshimitsu


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