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Research Institute for Environmental Economics and Management



Director : Toshihide Arimura
Professor, Faculty of Political Science and Economics

Research theme

Empirical interdisciplinary research on global warming and energy issues.

Overview of research

This institute conducts empirical studies that examine firms’ environmental voluntary actions as well as public policies for energy conservation, renewable energy and emission trading, providing evidence-based policy recommendations. We attempt to develop new areas of environmental research by integrating interdisciplinary perspectives from economics, business administration, political science, and engineering. Research results will be reported mainly by publishing them in leading academic journals and presenting them at academic conferences. We will collaborate with research institutes in the U.S. and Europe and conduct comparative studies on environmental policies across countries, with an aim to propose policy measures that are not only effective but also acceptable to stakeholders. We will also examine developing countries where carbon dioxide emissions are expected to increase, in collaboration with research institutes in those countries. We hope that this institute will eventually serve as a research hub in the Asia-Pacific Region for environmental economics and management, and policy studies.
The institute received the Environment Research and Technology Development Fund (2-1707) from the Environmental Restoration and Conservation Agency with the title “An ex-post analysis of carbon pricing and the proposal of policy options to achieve the Japanese Long-term GHG emissions reduction target”


Hideki Konishi (Professor, Faculty of Political Science and Economics)
Airo Hino (Professor, Faculty of Political Science and Economics)
Kennichi Akao (Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences)
Ayu Washizu (Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences)
Hiroto Takaguchi (Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering)
Saito Kiyoshi(Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering)
Hajime Katayama (Associate Professor, Faculty of Commerce)
Junichi Yamanoi (Associate Professor, Faculty of Commerce)
Takuro Miyamoto (Assistant Professor, Faculty of Political Science and Economics)
Minoru Morita (Assistant Professor, Faculty of Political Science and Economics)
Yushi Kunugi (Junior Researcher, Faculty of Political Science and Economics)
Taisuke Sadayuki (Junior Researcher and Assistant Professor of Research Institute)
Hiroki Onuma (Junior Researcher)
Miwa,Nakai (Junior Researcher)

Adjunct Researcher

Hidefumi Yokoo
Kazuyuki Iwata
Shiro Takeda
Yoshifumi Konishi
Makoto Sugino
Seiji Okajima
Shigeru Matsumoto
Rei Tarui
Hiroko Okajima
Noriko Fujiwara
Mari Sado
Malen Joel Baker
Horie Tetsuya
Nicole Darnall
Ryo Takahashi
Kenta Tanaka
Kohei Nitta
RAVAGO Majah-Leah
Kenichi Matsumoto
Takuro Miyamoto
Minoru Morita
Mitsutsugu Hamamoto
Hakaru Iguchi
Yushi Kunugi
Yukihide Kurakawa
Hiroaki Sakamoto


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