Research Institute for Environmental Economics and Management
Waseda University


Research Institute for Environmental Economics and Management

This institute conducts empirical studies that examine firms' environmental voluntary actions as well as public policies for energy conservation, renewable energy and emission trading, providing evidence-based policy recommendations. We attempt to develop new areas of environmental research by integrating interdisciplinary perspectives from economics, business administration, political science, and engineering. Research results will be reported mainly by publishing them in leading academic journals and presenting them at academic conferences. We will collaborate with research institutes in the U.S. and Europe and conduct comparative studies on environmental policies across countries, with an aim to propose policy measures that are not only effective but also acceptable to stakeholders. We will also examine developing countries where carbon dioxide emissions are expected to increase, in collaboration with research institutes in those countries. We hope that this institute will eventually serve as a research hub in the Asia-Pacific Region for environmental economics and management, and policy studies.


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