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【Event】10th International Iraqi Japanese Conference (17-18 Nov.)

10th International Iraqi Japanese Conference
“The Educational System in Japan and Iraq from Comparative Perspectives”

Date: November 17-18 (Sat.-Sun.) 2018
Venue: Waseda university


17 Nov. (Sat.) Room B104, Bld. 26, Waseda University


Chair:Keiko SAKAI (Chiba University)
Opening Remark: Keiko SAKURAI (Waseda University)
Guest Speeches

Keynote Speech: Amb. Kunio KATAKURA (Ex-Ambassador to Egypt, Iraq and UAE; Vice President of Japan Arab Association; Chairman of the Council, Motoko Katakura Foundation for Desert Culture)
“Friends in Iraq: Yawm al-Asal, Yawm al-Basal”

Special Panel Japan’s relation with Iraq: business, aids, and diplomacy
Takema SAKAMOTO (JICA Director General, Middle East and Europe Department)
Mamoru HOSHINO (Japan for UNHCR, Secretary General)
Japan Iraq Medical Network


14:00- 15:00
Special Lecture : Dai YAMAO (Kyushu University)
“A Rise of ‘Organized Party’ under the Wide Spread of Political Distrust: An Inquiry into Parliamentary Election in 2018”

Panel 1 Past and Future of Japan-Iraq cooperation in the field of Archeology
Laith HUSSEIN (College of Arts, University of Baghdad)
“Archaelogy, Heritage and Education in Iraq :A Historical Perspective”
Hiromichi OGUCHI & Yasuyoshi OKADA (The Institute for Cultural Studies of Ancient Iraq, Kokushikan University)
“Retrospect of the Kokushikan University Mission to Ancient Mesopotamia since 1970”
Kazuya MAEKAWA (Kokushikan University)
“Kokushikan University and third-millennium BC Babylonia”
Shinichi NISHIYAMA (College of Humanities, Chubu University)
“Bordering Region: Japanese Contribution to Archaeology and Cultural Heritage in the Kurdistan region of Iraq”

Panel 2 Academic Presentations by Iraqi students studying in Japan
Haidar Reda MOHAMMAD (Chiba University, PhD)
“The Retribalization in the Saddam era in Iraq”
Ahmad Amir ISMAIL (Kyushu University, PhD)
“The mechanism of both UNSCOM (1991-1998) and UNMOVIC (1999-2007) in eliminating the Iraqi WMD”
Nooruldeen ALI SAEED (Tokyo Medical and Dental University, PhD)
“Dental Adhesives research at Tokyo Medical and Dental University”
Satea J. HASAN (Kanazawa University, MA)
“Nitrogen Removal from Rich-Ammonia Wastewater by Sulfate Reduction, Denitrification, Anammox and Partial Nitrification Process”

18 Nov. (Sun.) Room 205, Building 7, Waseda University

Panel 3 Role of Education in Reconstructing Iraq
Chair: Keiko SAKURAI (Waseda University)
Osama ABDUL LATEEF (vice President of University of Baghdad)
“Higher education in International Collaboration in Iraq : Experience of University of Baghdad”
Salah HASAN AL-JABIRI (Dean, College of Arts, University of Baghdad)
“Educational System in Iraq and Japan: a Philosophical Approach”
Hussein AL-BAHADILI (Dean, College of Arts, Iraqiya University)
“History Education in Iraq : a Study of Iraqi Curricula”

Panel 4 Role of Education: the case of Japan and Iraq
Chair: Toru MIURA (Ochanomizu University)
Yuichi TSUCHIDA (Faculty of Education, Chiba University)
“School Education in Japan for nurturing sociality: from the viewpoint of special activities and moral education”
Alaa AL-AMIRI (College of Arts, Mustansiriya University)
“Japanese-Style Education :Special Activities – Tokkatsu”
Mahmoud AL-QAYSI (College of Arts, University of Baghdad)
“Doutoku (Our Ethics) : an Attempt to apply the Japanese value System in Iraqi Schools and Universities”

13:30-15:00 Lunch

Panel 5 Japanese style of Area Studies
Chair: Dai YAMAO (Kyushu University)
Keiko SAKAI (Chiba University )
“History of Middle East Studies in Japan: from pre-WWII to post-Iraqi War period”
Dhikra ADEL (University of Baghdad, PhD) and Mahmoud AL-QAYSI (College of Arts, University of Baghdad)
“Itagaki Yuzo: His Achievements of Arab Studies from Iraqi Perspective”
Toru MIURA (Ochanomizu University)
“Area Studies in Japan: Trans-regional and Historical Approaches”

Panel 6 Japanese studies on Atabat and Shi’ite Islam
Chair: Kazuo MORIMOTO (Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, University of Tokyo)
Kenji KURODA (Center for Modern Middle East Studies, National Museum of Ethnology/Center for Transdisciplinary Innovation, National Institute for the Humanities)
“The Materiality of Sacred Place: A Study on Handicrafts and “Tradition” in Contemporary Iran”
Ryo MIZUKAMI (University of Tokyo, PhD.)
“The Iraqi Shiʻi Scholars and Spread of Imamophilia in the 12th-14th Centuries: Their Strategic Compilation of Faḍāʼil Works for Sunni Readers”
Aqeel HAMAD (al-Kafeel Museum, Atabat Abbasiya)
“Holy Atabats and its Civilizational Role in Iraq”
Sadiq JASIM (al-Kafeel Museum, Atabat Abbasiya)
“Kafeel Museum and the Cultural Education in Holy Cities”

Concluding Remarks
Mahmoud AL-QAYSI, Keiko SAKAI

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Sponsored by Japan Foundation/ Chiba University/ Waseda University–Organization for Islamic Area Studies / JSPS-Kakenhi (16H06546) “Relational Studies on Global Crises

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