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【Event】International Symposium and Lectures on the Ottoman Empire (28, 29, 31 July)

Three Lectures on Modern Era Turkey by Visiting Turkish Researchers
Topics include Young Turk era economics, Ottoman conscription, and the 1923 Greco-Turkish population transfer

Murat Koraltürk (Marmara University)
Young Turks and Economy

Mehmet Beşikçi (Yıldız Technical University)
The Uneasy Evolution of Ottoman Conscription:
The Application of Compulsory Military Service in a Multi-Ethnic and Multi-Religious Empire before and during World War I

Nurşen Gürboğa (Marmara University)
The 1923 Population Exchange and the State Policies towards the Exchanged Muslim Roma Community

at Tokyo
Date and Time: 28 July 2018 (Sat.) at 14:00-18:00
Venue: Waseda University, Waseda Campus, 26th Bldg. #1102

at Kyoto
Date and Time: 31 July 2018 (Tue.) at 14:00-18:00
Venue: Doshisha University, Imadegawa Campus, Shiseikan Bldg. #4

International Symposium: Military Affairs and Welfare in the Late Ottoman Empire

Kaori Komatsu (Waseda University)
The Ottoman Pension System as seen in Maritime Personnel Records

Nurşen Gürboğa (Marmara University)
Pension Funds, Labor Struggles and the Arbiter State in the Late Ottoman Empire:
Captain Ahmet was against the Şirket-i Hayriye

Murat Koraltürk (Marmara University)
The Cost of Living during the First World War and Struggle Instruments

Mehmet Beşikçi (Yıldız Technical University)
From a Devastating War to Crippled Military Welfare:
The Untold Story of the Ottoman Veterans of World War I in the Armistice Period

Date and Time: 29 July 2018 (Sun.) at 13:30-18:00
Venue: WasedaUniversity, Waseda Campus, 26th Bldg. #702

Note: The seminar is open to the public and no registration is required.
Contact: Waseda University, Organization for Islamic Area Studies (islamicas.waseda [at]

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