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Waseda Affiliated Schools

Waseda affiliated schools

Directly affiliated schools

  • Same management body as Waseda University
  • In principle, all students are admitted to study at Waseda University

Significance of directly affiliated schools

On the basis of Waseda University’s founding principles and respected traditions, the directly affiliated schools provide higher general education on top of the fundamental education at junior high school level and aim to improve students’ general discipline and ability to make a proper judgement to become qualified personnel. In addition, the directly affiliated schools develop students’ abilities necessary to further study in the academic fields.

  1. Curriculum is based on Waseda University’s founding principles and respected traditions.
  2. Outstanding fundamental education in order to be successful at university and even at workplace.
  3. Developing students’ abilities to study in the academic fields that match individual interests.

Being independent in their school life, Students inherit Waseda University’s respected traditions and acquire wide range of fundamental knowledge and academic excellence necessary to succeed in the global society.

Waseda University Senior High School/Waseda University Junior High School (Boys’ school)
  • Senior High School founded in 1920
  • Junior High School founded in 2010
  • Located in Nerima, Tokyo
  • Quotas for recommendation to Waseda University: 100%
Waseda University Honjo High School (Co-ed school)
  • Founded in 1982
  • Located in Honjo, Saitama
  • Quotas for recommendation to Waseda University: 100%


Affiliated high schools

  • The management body is different from Waseda University, but the school name starts with Waseda.
  • Waseda University provides personnel for the roles of Vice president, administrative director, etc.
  • Quotas for recommendations to Waseda University depends on the school.

Development of affiliated high schools

Waseda University has been looking for the suitable screening methods in order to accept students from different backgrounds and various skills which creates the environment that students improve together through friendly rivalry. As a new attempt, considering regions, history, and traditions, Waseda University reinforces its alliance with secondary schools where it is possible to have an alliance where Waseda’s education resonates and the quality of education improves. Having five affiliated schools results in securing excellent students.

  1. Exposure to Waseda’s education philosophy from an early age could move closer to our ideal human resource development to cultivate “Waseda-like” students.
  2. Having co-ed affiliated schools in local districts could relieve the movement of students’ population from the country to the cities. Students gathering from all over Japan fulfill Waseda’s respected traditions and this results in increasing the number of female students.
  3. Students from different backgrounds and with various skills study together at Waseda University.
Waseda Jitsugyo Elementary School, Junior High School, Senior High School (Co-ed school)
  • Founded in 1901
  • Became an affiliated school in 1963
  • Located in Kokubunji, Tokyo
  • Quotas for recommendation to Waseda University: 100%
Waseda Junior & Senior High School (Boys’ school)
  • Founded in 1895
  • Became an affiliated school in 1970
  • Located in Shinjuku, Tokyo
  • Quotas for recommendation to Waseda University: 50%
Waseda Shibuya Senior High School in Singapore (Co-ed school)
  • Founded in 1991
  • Became an affiliated school in 2002
  • Located in Singapore
  • Quotas for recommendation to Waseda University: 80%
Waseda Setsuryo Junior & Senior High School (Co-ed school)
  • Founded in 1962
  • Became an affiliated school in 2009
  • Located in Ibaraki, Osaka
  • Quotas for recommendation to Waseda University: 10%
Waseda Saga Junior High School/High School (Co-ed school)
  • Founded and became an affiliated school in 2010
  • Located in Karatsu, Saga
  • Quotas for recommendation to Waseda University: 50%


Summary for Waseda affiliated schools


Waseda University’s linkage education to prepare students to succeed in the global society.

There are directly affiliated schools where all students are admitted to study at Waseda University on recommendation and affiliated schools where prepare students to become versatile and competent by great support from Waseda University. Both directly affiliated schools and affiliated schools aim to educate students to act globally and contribute to the welfare of all human beings on the basis of Waseda University’s founding principles.

Two directly affiliated schools and five affiliated schools’ unique education systems develop and bloom students’ talent. Exposure to better education environment from an early age stimulates students’ intellectual curiosity and motivate students to achieve academic success. Students are expected to lead the world with “Waseda Spirit” on their heart.

  1. Not necessarily too concerned about intensive study for the university entrance examination, our curriculum enables students to acquire academic excellence and students establish their purpose of study.
  2. In the spirit of independence and self-reliance, thinking, learning, and presenting the ideas proactively establishes basis of independent human beings.
  3. Fruitful out-of-curricular activities and club activities enrich human nature, broaden students’ horizons, and enable to examine conditions from various angles.

High school and university linkage at Waseda

Waseda University provides a wide variety of opportunities for students to collaborate together with Waseda students and Waseda professors. This opens the door to motivate students to study harder in order to be successful in the workplace after graduating from Waseda University. Waseda University also works closely together with affiliated schools.

Various support for the connection between affiliated schools and Waseda University

School information sessions

There are two types of school information sessions. One is to invite high school students to Waseda Campus, and the other is to dispatch professors from each undergraduate school to affiliated schools. Some school information sessions welcome parents along with students. School information sessions give students a chance to learn deeply about each undergraduate school and to think more about their future plans.

Model classroom lectures by university professors

Professors at Waseda University come to affiliated school to offer model classroom lectures. Professors select the theme of their lecture based on each school’s students’ needs. Taking a university lecture gives students a step ahead by creating a chance to think about what they should learn.

Auditing university lectures

Special auditing courses are available for students who are 2nd grade or over at all 7 affiliated schools. Students can audit an undergraduate class and the credit earned can be counted towards their total credit hours at Waseda University if the student achieves a predetermined grade. The purpose of providing auditing is to deepen the understanding of the area of interests and to foster academic excellence.

Interaction with Waseda undergraduate and graduate students

Waseda University offers various opportunities for students to interact with Waseda undergraduate and graduate students, alumni, international students who study at Waseda. Students can ask questions about Waseda students’ life on campus, their majors and research interests, etc. and listen to their valuable stories. This becomes a great chance for students to picture themselves on campus after getting into Waseda.

Club activities and Waseda events

Waseda students participate in club activities and out-of-class curriculum at affiliated schools as a coach in order for further collaboration. Also, watching and cheering a Waseda-Keio baseball game at Tokyo Big 6 Baseball League is one of the annual school events for most of the affiliated schools.

Support for students who wish to study at other universities

Based on affiliated schools’ unique education system and philosophy, students are given advice to choose a university based on their preferences and aptitude. Students have achieved being admitted to not only Waseda University but also medical schools and prestigious national universities because of the college admission support offered by their affiliated school.

English language courses and study abroad programs for affiliated schools

A company affiliated with Waseda University organizes English language courses and study abroad programs only for students at affiliated schools. After getting into Waseda, students are expected to have a fruitful time together with students from around the world. In order to prepare for this, participating in the study abroad program and studying summer/spring English language course is highly recommended.

English language course(Only for high school students)

English communication program and TOEFL iBT preparation program are offered twice a year during summer break and spring break at Waseda campus. Most of the instructors teach at School of International Liberal Studies at Waseda University thus high quality English programs are provided.

Study abroad program(Both junior high school students and high school students)

Study abroad program is organized once a year during either summer break of spring break to study at a school in Queensland, Australia. Students interact with local students, take an English classes, and go camping. As Waseda University supports this program, students who are anxious about studying abroad can be put at ease.

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