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Environmental Safety Center



Overview of the Environmental Safety Center

The Environmental Safety Center (ESC), Waseda University founded in 1979 takes responsibility for managing laboratory waste and chemical substances as well as for conducting analyses related to environmental management and consultation. Our works involves the fields as below to contribute prevention of pollution by chemical substances discharged from research activities and safety of the laboratories in Waseda University.

  1. Management of Chemical Substances
  2. Environmental Management
  3. Management of Laboratory Waste
  4. Support for Education and Research Activities

General rules and services

The rules and regulation for treating the chemical substances and laboratory waste in Waseda University and the services offered by ESC are described in the guide book. You can download it from the website or receive a copy at the ESC Office (Bldg. 55, B1 floor) .

Key Contacts at Each Campus

You can contact to the office in your campus below, when you are troubled with management of chemical substances and laboratory waste.

Chemical Management Offices Laboratory Waste Management Offices
Waseda Campus (School of
Natural Sciences Office (Building No. 6, Room 307)
Nishi-Waseda Campus Chemical Shop
(Building No. 60, Room 115)
Environmental Safety Center
(1st basementof Building No. 55N)
Kikui-cho Campus Chemical Shop
(Building No. 60, Room 115)
Research and Development
Administrative Office of Research and Development Center
(Building No. 121, Room 101)
Toyama Campus Chemical Shop (Building No. 60,
Room 115)
Tokorozawa Campus Technical Management Office (Building No. 100, Room A208)
Kagami Memorial Laboratory
for Materials Science and
Analytical Instrument Management
Office (Building No. 42-1, Room 304)
Administration Office
(Building No. 42-1, Room 106)
Kitakyushu Campus Administrative Office of IPS
(Building No. 201-46, N Building,
Room 157)
Management Office of IPSRC
(1st floor of Building No. 201-36)
Waseda University Senior
High School
Chemistry Laboratory (Building No. 74-10, Room 303)
Waseda University Honjo
Senior High School
Chemistry Laboratory (Building No. 95, N Building, Room 318)
Center for Advanced
Biomedical Sciences
Office of Center for Advanced Biomedical Sciences
(Building No. 50, Room 03C101)

∗: If new laboratory waste is generated, please contact ESC.

Research Support services

The list of the equipment in ESC is integrated with the Research Support Center webpage (Japanese-English hybrid) below. If you have questions about the equipment or the services, please contact ESC freely.


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