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Information of Monthly Regular Meeting October 2021 (The 197th Meeting of Opera Research Group)

Waseda Institute for Research in Opera and Music Theatre (WIROM), Comprehensive Research Organization, Waseda University

Presentation Abstract for the Meeting
  • Time and Date : October 9th (Sat.) 2021, 16:30-18:00 (JST)
  • Format : Online meeting (Zoom)
  • Presenter : EGUCHI, Daisuke
  • Affiliation, Position : School of Law, Waseda University
  • Title : “The verisimilitude in Alceste by Wieland/Schweitzer”
  • Language : Japanese
  • Moderator : SATO, Suguru
  • Abstract :
    Alceste (1773) by C. M. Wieland and A. Schweitzer can be compared with Alceste (1674) of Quinault/Lully and Alceste (Italian version 1767, French version 1776), which is composed by Gluck, in that they are all based on the work of Euripides and focus on the verisimilitude of the drama. Referring to the essay “Versuch über das Teutsche Singspiel” by Wieland and some important events such as the controversy about “Alceste” in France and the Operatic reforms by Gluck, I will observe the tense relationship between the verisimilitude and the marvelous in the libretto of Alceste by Wieland.

Registration is required by October 6th (Wed.). Please fill out the following Google-Form:
-The invitation e-mail via zoom will be sent to the registrants on 8th October.

Profile of Presenter

EGUCHI, Daisuke

Daisuke Eguchi is an Associate Professor at Waseda University. His research field is German Literature and Literature Theory in the 18th century. He focuses on the works of Jean Paul (1763-1825) and the poetic theories in the early Enlightenment in Germany. “ Wahrheit and Wahrscheinlichkeit in Critische Dichtkunst of J.J.Breitinger”(2011), “The proper name Paul in Jean Paul’s Selberlebensbeschreibung” (2019)

Next meeting

Next meeting will be held on 6th Nov. (Sat.) 2021

  • Presenter : NEWELL, Anthony
  • Moderator : KASAHARA, Mariko

Waseda Institute for Research in Opera and Music Theatre (WIROM), Comprehensive Research Organization, Waseda University :

e-mail address: operaken-uketsuke[at] ( [at] = @)
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Online meeting (Zoom)


Mon, 30 Aug 2021

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