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Japan, the EU & the Challenges facing the Global Liberal Order (12th & 13th of March 2018)

The Institute for European Studies of the Université libre de Bruxelles organises, along with Waseda University and KU Leuven, a 2-day academic event, to be hosted by the IEE-ULB on March 12, 2018, and KU Leuven on the 13.

The EU-Japan forum seeks to bring together in Brussels, at the heart of European decision-making, a wide cross-section of leading European and Japanese scholars from a broad range of scientific fields.

A series of academic panels will cover the issues of:
•EU-Japan Strategic Partnership and its Implications for the Global Liberal Order
•Achieving the Health and Education Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
•Market Access & the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement
•Nationalism in Europe and Japan
•Ownership and (big) data? State of play and exploration of EU-Japan joint research projects
•EU & Japan: Current topics in competition law and industrial policy
•Fighting Crime while Protecting Liberties: EU-JAPAN Legal Dialogue on the Prevention and Repression of Crime

The organisation of the Forum

The forum’s overall coherence, potential impact and resulting innovation opportunities are a product of both the gathering’s original set-up and the active role its organisers already play in the EU-Japan scientific dialogue.

With an eye on inclusiveness, and intersectoriality the forum will bring together a Cross-section of fields involved in Euro-Japanese cooperation. The spread of subjects broached are at the forefront of both the scientific and policy discussions currently linking Brussels and Tokyo.


The first forum, launched in 2016 focused on EU-Japan Partnership and the celebration of 150 years of Belgo-Japanese Diplomatic Relations.


The full programme for this year’s Forum can be found below.



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