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The Waseda Institute for Sport Sciences was established in September of 2006 as the research institution for the Faculty of Sport Sciences, with the aim of further promoting research activities in the field of sport sciences, including sports culture, sports business, sport medicine, kinesiology, and sports coaching science, and applying the results of research in these areas broadly across society. The Institute is located at the Waseda University Tokorozawa Campus.

The following activities are being pursued in order to achieve the Institute’s goals.

  • Research and studies
  • Presentation of the results of research and studies
  • Holding research conferences, lectures, and short courses
  • Offering consultation and doing contract research and studies
  • Other things necessary to achieve the Institute’s goals

In addition, while carefully coordinating with education and research in the Faculty of Sport Sciences and School of Sport Sciences, the Institute aims to raise research standards and practically apply research results, opening our doors wide to those both inside and outside the University.

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