2007 CityU-Waseda Joint Conference
Research in Global Economic and Financial Issues: Theory, Empirics and Experimental Methods
September 20-21, 2007
September 20, 2007 (Thursday)
9:00-9:20 Registration
9:20-9:30 Welcoming Remarks
Session 1
Moderator: Eden S.H. Yu
9:30 - 10:10 Shiro Yabushita (Waseda University)
Economic Theories of Roscas: Overview and Discussion
10:10-10:50 Charles K. W. Li (City University of Hong Kong)
Output Volatility of Five Crisis-Affected East Asia Economies
10:50-11:10 Tea/Coffee Break
Session 2
Moderator: Chia-Hui Lu
11:10-11:50 Fumihiko Hiruma (Waseda University)
Behavioral Study on Time Discounting and Some Implications to Consumer Finance
11:50-12:30 Vikas Kakkar (City University of Hong Kong)
Real Exchange Rates and Productivity: Evidence from Asia
12:30-14:00 Lunch Break
Session 3
Moderator: Patrick Toche
14:00-14:40 Kazumi Shimizu (Waseda University)
Fairness and "Altruistic" Punishment: Who Provides "Altruistic" Punishment and in which Situation?
14:40-15:20 Sudeep Ghosh (City University of Hong Kong)
Auditing, Governance and Reporting: An Experimental Investigation
15:20-15:40 Tea/Coffee Break
Session 4 (Student session)
Moderator: Yong Wang
15:40-16:10 Kumi Suzuki (Waseda University)
Experimental Analysis on Diamond and Dybvig Model: The Effect of Public Injection
16:10-16:40 Ping Jiang (City University of Hong Kong)
Removing Market Friction and Sharing the Gain: Evidence from the Split Share Structure Reform in China
16:40-17:10 Ai Takeuchi (Waseda University)
Strategic Sophistication Category: Response Time, Eye Movements and Predictions
17:10-17:30 Break
17:30-19:00 Departs for TST downtown waterfront and Conference Dinner

September 21, 2007 (Friday)

Session 5
Moderator: Kenneth Chan
9:00-9:40 Ngo Van Long (McGill University)
The Effects of Trade Liberalization on Productivity and Welfare: The Role of Firm Heterogeneity
9:40-10:20 Koichi Takase (Waseda University)
Strategic Analysis of Foreign Aid Negotiations by Selfish Donors
10:20-11:00 Wing Hong Chan (City University of Hong Kong)
State Dependent Jumps in Stock Market Returns
11:00-11:20 Tea/Coffee Break
Session 6
Moderator: Charles Leung
11:20-12:00 Kazuharu Kiyono (Waseda University)
Strategic Semi-Public Joint Venture by The Multinational Firm
12:00-12:40 Douglas Rolph (City University of Hong Kong)
Asset Pricing with Skewed Payouts
12:40-14:30 Lunch (Chinese restaurant on the 8th floor)
Session 7 (Student session)
Moderator: Licun Xue
14:30-15:00 Yoshihiro Tomaru (Waseda University)
An Endogenous Objective Function of a Partially-Privatized Firm: A Nash Bargaining Approach
15:00-15:30 Tao Chen (City University of Hong Kong)
The Information Content of Inter-Trade Time in Chinese Market
15:30-16:00 Ikuko Kawahashi (Waseda University)
Comparative Analysis of the Regionalism between Scotland and Wales
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