Constructing Open Political-Economic Systems
These seminars, given by doctoral students as a way of encouraging collaboration in the fields of political science and economics, provide an introduction to the most recent trends in academic research.

Date Speaker Title
2005/5/12 Takanori Wajima "Proposed Designs of Tanomoshi-Ko Experiments by Case"
2005/5/26 Kenichi Tamura "Introduction to Political Economy in Macroeconomics (Ch.7, 'Elections and Changes of Policymakers'), Allan Drazen, Princeton University Press,2000"
2005/6/9 Yoshio Kamijo "An Application of the Bidding Approach to Political Economy"
2005/6/23 Takeshi Tsuchiya "On the Equality of 'Citizens'- EU Citizenship and the Nation State"
2005/7/7 Yoshihiro Tomaru "An Analysis on Mixed Oligopoly Using the Ikema Curve"
2005/7/21 Hiroshi Takada "Introduction to Modern Social Imaginaries, Charles Tailor, Duke University Press, 2004"
2005/9/29 Youhei Mitani "A New Development of the Estimation Method by the Discrete Choice Model"
2005/10/13 HiroyukiKawamura "Why Does Civil War Break Out?"
2005/10/27 Youhei Mitani "A Unified Model of Voters' Behavior with Its Application to the Japanese Case"
2005/11/10 Ikuko Kawahashi "Introduction to Comparative Historical Analysis in the Social Science, James Mahoney and Dietrich Rueschemeyer, Cambridge University Press, 2003"
2005/11/24 Tomohiro Inoue "Tax Neutrality in Corporate Tax"
2005/12/8 Yuko Tsuda "Introduction to Anatomy of Russian Eiltes, Ol'ga Kryshtanovskaia, Zakharov, 2005"
2005/12/8 Masanori Ookuma, Satoshi Osanai "Propagation Channels of Monetary Policy and Bank Lending"
2006/5/11 Norihiro Mimura "The Structure of Partisanship among Citizens in Japan and the United States: Party Evaluation and Partisan Identity"
2006/5/25 Ai Takeuchi "Endogenous Institution Selection and Its Process: An Experimental Analysis of a Public Goods Game"
2006/6/8 Soichiro Yamaguchi "Can an International Organization Be a Successful Mediator?"
2006/6/13 M. Utku Unver "The Design of Matching Markets: An Introduction"
2006/7/13 Kiichiro Arai "The Mobilization Effect on Political Participation: Estimating the Causal Effect of Survey Data Using Propensity Scores"
2006/7/20 Kohei Kamaga "On Sympathy for Others and the Problem of Paternalism in Social Choice Theory"
2006/9/28 Masataka Hagimori "International Aspects of Democratization"
2006/10/12 Sayaka Ita-Sasaki "Changes in Consumer Behavior Caused by the Diffusion of Durable Consumer Goods"
2006/10/19 Andreas Schaumayer "Interest Intermediation in Japan under Pressure? A Network Perspective on Inter-Personal Exchange in the ICT and Chemical Sector"
2006/10/26 Hiroko Inoue "The Independence of East Timor from the Perspective of the Theory of Transnational Civil Society"
2006/11/30 Meri Okano "An Analysis of EU Regional and Spatial Policy: Seeking Territorial Cohesion"
2006/12/7 Kyoko Ichimasa "Human Security in Europe: The Impact of European Crisis Management in Africa"
2007/1/18 Akira Takasaki "A Reconsideration of the Cartel Party Based on 'From Catch-all Politics to Cartelization: The Political Economy of the Cartel Party'"
2007/1/25 Kenichi Tamura Norihiro Mimura, Kei Akiyama, and Tomoki Watanabe, "Changes in the Cause of Death in Postwar Japan: Construction of Database of 'Vital Statistics of Japan'"
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