Constructing Open Political-Economic Systems
Lecture Series
Research Group on European Politics
A group of young scholars from Waseda University, Nagoya University, Tohoku University, and universities in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area conducting research on European politics from a comparative perspective.
Date Name Details
2006/5/13 Hirokazu Yasutake "The Trend toward Swedish-Style Parliamentary Democracy: The Historical Significance of the 1909 Parliamentary Reform"
Katsunori Seki "Political Regime Change and National Unity: A Comparative Analysis of Post-Communist States"
2006/7/2 Yuka Komatsu "Scandinavianism in International Relations in the 19th Century"
Kazuhiro Miura "The Dilemma of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD): A Shift toward Right-Wing Libertarianism?"
2006/9/16 Yusuke Kawashima "The Impact of Resident Participation on Local Government"
Ryo Nakai "The Convergence of Leftist Groups and Ethnic Minorities in the Baltic States"
Atsushi Osaki "Voting Behaviour and Its Effect on the Party System in Post-Communist Countries"
2006/10/28 Hiroki Kanakubo "The Bosnian Conflict and International Intervention"
Masao Takeuchi "A Study of the German Church Tax (Kirchensteuer)"
Masaaki Higashijima "Democracy, Globalization, and Ethnic Diversity:Theory Building and Multiple Regression Analysis in Post-Communist Countries"
Internationel Conference for Junior Researchers
Graduate students and participants in the International Exchange Program for Junior Researchers use these conferences, conducted in English, as a forum to present research reports and engage in discussion on topics related to GLOPE,s central interests.
Date Title Details
2005/11/12 Selection Session for the Beijing Conference A selection session was conducted for the Beijing Conference held in December 2005
Kumi Suzuki, "A Preliminary Experiment on the Role of Large Speculators in Currency Crises"
Youhei Mitani, "What Factors Are Responsible for Decision Making in a Threshold Environmental Goods Experiment: A Consideration of Hypothetical Bias in Stated Preference"
Daisuke Udagawa, "Priority and the Veil of Ignorance"
Kenichi Tamura, "Contemporary Japanese Local Public Finance:The Case of Hyogo"
Huang Wei, "The Impact of Income Inequality on Sustainable Economic Growth through Financial Imperfections: Implications for China"
Yoshihiro Tomaru, "Endogenous Timing in a Mixed Duopoly with Asymmetric Cost Functions"
Takanori Wajima, "Evolution of Informal Financial Institutions in Premodern Japan, Based on Tanomoshi(Mujin)-Ko to Cope with the Increase in Liquidity Demand"
Zhang Zhi, "Labor Mobility among Industries in China"
Masahito Saito," Environmental Policy and Overcompliance"
Toshihiro Kikuchi, "Education, Distributive Justice, and Adverse Selection in Universities"
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