Constructing Open Political-Economic Systems
The Design Team
 Shiro Yabushita Details mail
* Ph.D. (Economics), Yale University
* Shiro Yabushita and Kazumi Shimizu, eds., The Political Economy of Regional Integration, Toyo Keizai Inc., 2007
Kazuharu Kiyono Details mail
* Doctor of Economics, University of Tokyo
* "Greenhouse-Gas Emission Controls in an Open Economy" (with J. Ishikawa), International Economic Review, 2006
 Yasunori Ishii Details mail
* Doctor of Economics, Hitotsubashi University
* "FDI Subsidies When Both PlantLocation and Size are Endogenous under Capital Constraints," Waseda Journal of Political Science and Economics, 2006
 Atsuko Ueda Details mail homepage
* Ph.D. (Economics), University of Wisconsin Madison
* "A Dynamic Decision Model of Marriage, Childbearing, and the Labor Force Participation of Japanese Women," Japanese Economic Review, forthcoming
 Hiroya Akiba Details mail
* Ph.D. (Economics), State University of New York
* "Information Arrival, Interest Rate Differentials, and the Yen/Dollar Rate" (with Y. Kitamura), Japan and the World Economy, 2006
 Kouji Fukuda Detailsmail
* Doctor of Political Science, Doshisha University
* "The Political Economy of European Integration," in Shiro Yabushita and Kazumi Shimizu, eds., The Political Economy of Regional Integration, Toyo Keizai Inc., 2007
 Masahiko Gemma Detailsmail
* Ph.D. (Application Economics), University of Minnesota
* "Policy Reforms in Central Asia: Problems and Perspectives" (with S. Djalalov), in Policy Reforms and Agricultural Development in Central Asia, Springer, 2006
 Takayuki Ito Detailsmail
* Master of Arts in International Studies, University of Tokyo
* "Eastern Europe in 1956: Kremlin, Public, Leaders," Eurasian Studies, 2006
 Akira Sadahiro Detailsmail
* Doctor of Economics, Kyoto University
* A Macroeconomic Analysis of the Postwar Japanese Economy, Toyo Keizai Inc., 2005
 Ikuo Kume Detailsmail
* Ph.D. (Government), Cornell University
* "Changing Interest Group Politics in Japan," Michio Muramatsu and Ikuo Kume, eds., in Japanese Politics: Changes in Three Decades, Toyo Keizai Inc., 2006
 Hideko Magara Detailsmail
* Ph.D. (Political Science), University of Chicago
* H. Magara and M. Ido, eds., Veto Players and Policy Change, Waseda University Press, 2006
The Theory Team
 Masaru Kohno Detailsmail
* Ph.D. (Political Science), Stanford University
* Masaru Kohno, ed., From Institute to Governance: A Social Science Interchange, University of Tokyo Press, 2006
 Aiji Tanaka Detailsmail
* Ph.D. (Political Science), The Ohio State University
* "The Patterns of Party Polarization in East Asia" (with Russell Dalton), Journal of Asian Studies, 2007
 Yukihiko Funaki Detailsmail homepage
* Doctor of Science, Tokyo Institute of Technology
* "The Uniqueness of a Reduced Game in a Characterization of the Core in Terms of Consistency" (with T. Yamato), in A. Haurie, S. Muto, L.A. Petrosjan, and T.E.S. Raghavan, eds., Advances in Dynamic Games, Birkhäuser Boston, 2006
 Shinichi Hirota Detailsmailhomepage
* Master of Arts in Economics, Doshisha University
* "Price Bubbles sans Dividend Anchors: Evidence from Laboratory Stock Markets" (with Shyam Sunder), Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, forthcoming
 Fumihiko Hiruma Detailsmail
* MA (Economics), University of Chicago
* "A Critical Reappraisal of a Recent Revision of the Money Lending Law: A Behavioral Economic View," Consumer Credit Research, 2007
 Manabu Toda Detailsmailhomepage
* Ph.D. (Economics), Rochester University
* "Monotonicity and Consistency in Matching Markets," International Journal of Game Theory, 2006
The Idea Team
 Naoyuki Umemori Details mail homepage
* Ph.D. (Political Science), University of Chicago
* Umemori Naoyuki, ed., Benedict Anderson on Globalization, Kobunsha, 2007
 Koichi Kuriyama Details mail homepage
* Doctor of Agriculture, Kyoto University
* "The Frontiers of Environmental Valuation Studies," The Japanese Journal of the Society for Environmental Economics and Policy Studies, 2006
 Shozo Iijima Details mail
* Ph.D. (Political Science), University of Chicago
* "Machiavelli and Modernity: Leo Strauss's Interpretation of Machiavelli," in Japanische Hegel-Gesellschaft, Hrsg., Studien zu Hegels Philosophie, Kobushi Shobo, 2005
 Norikazu Kawagishi Details mail
* J.S.D., Yale University
* "The Birth of Judicial Review in Japan," International Journal of Constitutional Law, 2007
 Hiroshi Nishihara Details mail homepage
* Doctor (Law), Waseda University
* "Aktuelle rechtliche Entwicklungstendenzen in Europa - insbesondere die Bedeutung der Grundrechte in einer Konkurrenz zwischen Systemen der Staatsaufgaben," in Junichi Murakami und Hans-Peter Marutschke, Hrsg., Globalisierung und Recht, 2007
 Kazumi Shimizu Details mail
* Doctor en Théorie Economique, Universite de Grenoble II
* "Fairness and 'Altruistic' Punishment: Who Provides Altruistic' Punishment and in Which Situations" (with D. Udagawa and M. Watabe), submitted to a refereed journal
 Koichi Suga Details mail homepage
* Doctor of Economics, Hitotsubashi University
* "The Range of the Rawlsian Theory of Justice: The Characterization of Maximin Paths in the Arrow-Dasgupta Economy" (with D. Udagawa), in Kotaro Suzumura, ed., Logic and Ethics in Intergenerational Equity, Toyo Keizai Inc., 2006
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