The road to becoming a Borderless Lawyer

In April 2004, a new style of professional legal education was launched in Japan to train a greater number of quality legal professionals for the future. Waseda University has been well known for its law faculty since its founding in 1882. At that time, the faculty employed a case method that had been introduced by Dean Langdell of Harvard Law School only a few years earlier. After the Second World War, however, legal education at undergraduate-level departments of law was expected to provide Liberal Arts education, and thus all law departments became institutions which were no longer solely for training legal professionals. The recent judicial reform movement in this country has given us an opportunity to reestablish our original mission in legal education by establishing graduate-level law schools, and we are determined to excel in this pursuit. We have decided to build on our past successes and traditions by setting a new goal: to educate specialized professionals who will fulfill global demand. Waseda Law School, which is a graduate-level professional school, was founded to achieve this aim.

We will make every effort to uphold Waseda University’s most important mission by honoring academic independence while, at the same time, bringing together talented people and sending them out into the world to help those in need. Waseda Law School aims to enhance the diversity and collectiveness for which Waseda University has long been known, and to promote specialization in various fields of study. Most importantly, our objective is to educate future legal professionals who can penetrate existing boundaries. Today, in Japan and around the globe, responsible individuals and companies demand that professionals display integrity and multicultural understanding to function effectively in societies that include people from various backgrounds and cultural origins. Waseda Law School seeks to train trustworthy professionals who can meet the demands of this age. It is open to any capable student, regardless of age, gender, nationality, or former experiences.

The World Demands True Legal Professionals

To create a society where every citizen, including the weak, can benefit from and appreciate law and order, we produce legal professionals who can protect all people’ s rights and ensure that the law serves true justice.

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