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USJI University Research Report Vol.63


The University of Tokyo

Evolutionary path leading white dwarf in binary system to Type Ia supernova

Ritsumeikan University

Waseda University

Kyushu University

Kyoto University

Male proboscis monkeys weigh about 20 kilograms while females are roughly half that. The long nose is only found in males.

Keio University

Sophia University

Professor Kawashima discusses a local Islamic manuscript with students of the Mindanao State University in Marawi City, Philippines.

New light on the history of minority Muslims in the Philippines: An approach through locally preserved manuscripts
Midori Kawashima, Professor, Faculty of Global Studies/Fellow of the Institute of Asian, African and Middle Eastern Studies(IAAMES)
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Muslims constitute a religious minority in the Philippines, where Christians constitute an overwhelming majority. The prevailing narrative describes their history in terms of a series of battles against foreigners. This study looks at their history in a new light, focusing on Islamic scholars from Mindanao.Drawing on manuscripts they wrote, it demonstrates that they actively participated in intellectual interactions with fellow Muslims in the Malay world, and contributed to the enrichment of intellectual and cultural life in their homeland and the Malay world.Link to the article

University of Tsukuba

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