Times change. Waseda, forever it shall be. (Video on the history of internationalization at Waseda)

Waseda University, celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2032, has been creating a campus where students can develop an international mindset and become future global leaders. 7,000 international students study abroad at Waseda annually, and there are many different opportunities available for international and cultural exchange, such as foreign language courses and on-campus events.

As such, we have continued to evolve with internationalization in mind. However, our idea and purpose to internationalize have not changed ever since the founding of the University, and have taken root in students, faculty and staff.

This video introduces the history of internationalization at Waseda University (English subtitles available). In addition to student voices, it touches upon how the University has welcomed international students and sent its students abroad from the very beginning.

*Please press the subtitle button to show English subtitles.

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