Industry-Academia Collaboration Activities


Waseda University established the guidelines for academic research collaboration between Waseda and external bodies on May 29, 1990. When researchers are working in cooperation with external institutions and/or receiving external funding, academic research collaboration deliberation and review are carried out by the ‘Review committee for academic research collaboration with external institutions’ (commonly referred to as the ‘Guideline committee’) in accordance with those guidelines.

Basic Principles of Academic Research Collaboration with External Bodies
We shall

  1. Ensure academic freedom and independence.
  2. Contribute to world peace and human welfare. Do not conduct military research or contribute to military development.
  3. Contribute to the development of research and improve education at Waseda University.
  4. Avoid secret research whose outcomes must not be publicized, unless there is some reasonable restriction on the timing of publication of research outcomes, based on trust relationships between research consigners or joint researchers.
  5. Be socially fair.
  6. Conduct decisions related to collaboration through democratic procedure with disclosure of all related data and information.

Intellectual Property

University and Job Invention

In order to fulfill the university’s social contribution mission, Waseda University has established a basic philosophy and the Waseda University Job Invention Regulation to move forward with the organized utilization of intellectual property led by the Research Collaboration & Promotion Center.

Waseda University promotes the acquisition of technical rights and the utilization of intellectual properties based on the Intellectual Property Charter below:

Waseda University Intellectual Property Charter

  1. Waseda University shall uphold academic freedom and independence in keeping with its founding principles, and as an intellectual hub worthy of world recognition, shall work for the pursuit of truth and the application of theory. It shall unceasingly create superior intellectual property as the fruit of such principles, thereby making a major contribution to the advancement of global academic culture.
  2. Conscious of the importance of the intellectual property that it creates, Waseda University shall contribute to the advancement of academic culture, world peace, the welfare of mankind and the development of society by readily putting its accumulated intellectual property to work and returning the benefits to society.
  3. Waseda University shall actively promote collaboration and cooperation with a diverse number of organizations and individuals within Japan and overseas concerning activities related to intellectual property. By so doing it shall ensure that pertinent resources will be utilized to the fullest possible extent, make academic and social contributions as well as add to the vitalization of its own educational and research activities.
  4. Waseda University shall foster and send forth talented graduates who will engage boldly and steadfastly in activities relating to intellectual property. The aim of the university in so doing is to have talented people who respect the intellectual property created by them and by others, and who possess the mentality and capability to serve the development of academia and society, and engage actively in various walks of life around the world.
  5. Waseda University shall implement appropriate control and management regarding all aspects of intellectual property, besides also disclosing pertinent information widely both within the university and externally. By so doing the University shall achieve more efficient utilization of its intellectual property, as well as realize the accountability that is its obligation as a university and contribute to strict check and evaluation procedures and the reflection of such in practice.

The job invention regulation stipulates the handling of inventions developed by the faculty and staff of the university as follows:

  • Waseda University has established job invention regulations for inventions developed by the university’s “full-time faculty members,” “full-time faculty members (without tenure), temporary staff members (including dispatched staff members), researchers, visiting faculty, visiting researchers and students who have concluded contracts with the university regarding the inventions etc. as a result of researches” and “other people who have concluded contracts regarding the inventions etc. at the time of employment.”
  • Inventions by members of the university faculty and staff resulting from research off campus or that use the university budget, inventions that receive university support, or use the facility of the university are defined as job inventions and examination for approval thereof will be made by the Invention Inspection Committee.
  • Job inventions will be reviewed by the Invention Inspection Committee to determine whether such inventions can be expected to meet the condition of contributing to society with a high possibility of technology transfer and decide whether or not the university will succeed the right to apply for a patent from the inventor. The university will acquire technical rights for the approved invention and move forward with the technology transfer and return the value obtained through the invention to the relevant inventor.
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