Address: 2-3-1 Nishi-Waseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-8616

With the aim of contributing to cultural development and international society, the International House was constructed through the cooperation of Waseda University and Waseda Hoshien Student Christian Center. A number of overseas researchers and international students at Waseda study and enjoy community life there. On the premises there is accommodation for overseas researchers and students as well as a dormitory for Japanese students. The Hoshien is in a sense a campus, serving as a place for cultural exchange, broadly open to the community and society, with facilities including a number of seminar houses. The accommodation for overseas researchers and students is convenient and comfortable: all units are furnished, including furniture, bedding, electric appliances and tableware, the location is very close to the university, and Hoshien staff provide complete support. New residents can live effectively from the first day of occupancy.

Facilities and accommodation charges (in JPY)

Room number Number of rooms Type Size Capacity Accommodation charge
 Daily Monthly
Building number No.1
Single-1 302/303/304 3 rooms 1 bedroom with kitchen and bath 20㎡ 1-person 3,230 JPY ≒100,000 JPY
Twin-1 301/401 2 rooms 1DK (*1) with bath 29㎡ 2-person 4,130 JPY ≒128,000 JPY
Twin-2 402/403 2 rooms 1DK with bath 30㎡ 2-person 4,130 JPY ≒128,000 JPY
Building number No.3
Twin-3 128 1 rooms 1LDK(*2) with kitchen and bath 32㎡ 2-person 4,130 JPY ≒128,000 JPY
Building number No.5
Single-2 301/306/401/406 4 rooms 1 bedroom with shared kitchen and shared bath 16㎡ 1-person 2,590 JPY ≒80,000 JPY
Single-3 312/412 2 rooms 1 bedroom with toilet, shared kitchen and shared bath1 16㎡ 1-person 2,810 JPY ≒87,000 JPY

Please go to the link below for room photos.

(*1) 1 DK: One dining room including kitchen, and one bedroom
(*2) 1LDK: One living-dining room including kitchen and one bedrooms

◇The rates listed above are as of March, 2016.
◇Those who plan to stay longer than one month are required to pay the annual Hoshien registartion fee (5,000 JPY for one year) when moving in.
◇A deposit of 30,000 JPY is required of those who plan to stay longer than 3 months; this will be returned if there is no damage or missing items when you check out.
◇Please note that each resident will be additionally charged registration.
◇Extra bed charge: 1,000 JPY per day, and 6,300 JPY per month. A rental mattress costs 540 JPY per day.
◇Charges for domestic telephone calls (actual costs) must be paid by the caller.
◇To make international calls, please use a KDDI Super World Card or a Brastel Smart Phonecard. Those cards are available at the Hoshien office. Brastel Smart Phonecards can be charged at convenience stores.
◇Regarding the rate for temporary stay (less than one month), please contact Waseda Hoshien Office.
◇Children under the age of 3 cannnot stay. ◇Please pay the bills in cash, by deposits or credit cards (on-line).
◇If you intend to be away for 14 nights or more during your occupancy and only if you notify us in advance of the circumstances, we will not charge you rent for the period reported. Please note that, in such an event, we ask that you make sure all of your personal belongings are removed from the rented property prior to your leave. The charge for rent will resume upon the date of your return.


-Please go to this page for room photos and room equipments.

– Linens (towels, bed sheets etc.) will be provided for all the guests of six years and above. Please let us know in advance if guests under five years will need linens.
– We do not supply amenity goods such as soap, shampoo and toothbrush.


STEP 21 Office, Waseda University Property Management Inc.
Office hours:8:00-22:00(everyday)
Reservation is available from 9:00 to 17:00 except Saturdays, Sundays, and University holidays.
Direct tel: 03-5285-3015 / ext. 79-5631
E-mail: [email protected]
*This e-mail address is for general inquiries only. No requests for reservation are accepted. 

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