Address: 1705-7 Horinouchi, Tokorozawa-shi, Saitama 359-1165

Tokorozawa Guesthouse is accommodation for overseas researchers visiting Waseda. It is located in the vicinity of Tokorozawa Campus in Saitama, not Waseda Campus in Tokyo. The guesthouse is equipped with furniture, bedding, electric appliances, and tableware and best suited for stay at Tokorozawa Campus.

Facilities and accommodation charges (in JPY)

Number of rooms Type Size Capacity Daily accommodation charge Monthly accommodation charge
Single 1 room 1DK 35㎡ 1-person 2,750 JPY ≒85,300 JPY
Twin 1 room 1DK 35㎡ 2-person 2,750 JPY ≒85,300 JPY
Family 1 room 2LDK 72㎡ 4-person 4,520 JPY ≒140,200 JPY

(*1)1DK: One dining room including kitchen, and one bedroom
2LDK: One living-dining room including kitchen, and one bedroom

  • The rates listed above are as of June, 2019.
  • Room rate is charged by number of reserved days, not by number of reserved nights.
  • Light, fuel and water expenses and domestic telephone charges are included in the above rates.
  • Internet with a LAN cable connection is available. WIfi is not available.
  • Please pay by credit card online. Overseas remittance is not accepted.

※Please contact if inviting party makes a payment.


-Please go to this page for room photos and room equipments.

– Linens (towels, bed sheets etc.) will be provided for all the guests.
– We do not supply amenity goods such as soap, shampoo and toothbrush.


International Office,  International Affairs Division,  Waseda University

Email: [email protected]


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