The procedures for the acceptance of overseas researchers (visiting scholars and visiting research fellow) at Waseda’s International Office are described below. We accept researchers throughout the year as needed; however, please initiate the procedures listed below more than three months prior to your intended date of entry into Japan. Please be careful to note that if your procedures for entry to Japan are delayed or incomplete, your date of entry in Japan may be delayed in line with delays in the visa application process, or you may not be able to enter Japan.


1. The researcher needs to obtain the informal consent of a Waseda host faculty member first. Then please download application procedures, and submit application documents to the International Office ([email protected]).
Note: For Waseda host faculty contact information, view Researcher DatabaseOpen PDF File.

2. Based on the application information, the International Office provides information about a reservation for university accommodation if the researcher would like to use it. For the details on university accommodation for researchers, view Guest House.
(Note: Priority for university accommodation is given according to eligibility . We regret that we are not able to meet the needs of all visiting scholars and researchers. Please understand that you are required to find your own accommodation if the university accommodation is unavailable.)


1. The application is done final approval at meetings in each department (at meetings such as faculty meetings).

2. The researcher is notified of the result.


1. – For those requiring a visa, the International Office carries out the procedure for acquiring the requisite Certificate of Eligibility at the Immigration Bureau.
– The procedure at the Immigration Bureau usually takes 2 months.

2. As soon as the Certificate of Eligibility has been issued, the International Office sends it to the researcher.

3. The researcher visits the nearest Japanese diplomatic establishment in his/her home country and presents the Certificate of Eligibility along with his/her application for a Japanese visa.

Arrival in Japan

About two weeks before your arrival:
The International Office will send you an e-mail providing necessary information.

Within one week after your arrival:
Please make sure to receive your ID card and IT network ID (e-mail address) at the International Office, which is indispensable for your research stay at Waseda.

Before Departure

The researcher returns his/her ID card and research room key to the International Office, and his/her library card to the library.

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