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Environmental Policy

Waseda University aims to establish itself as a university of the twenty-first century actively contributing to the future of humankind, both by nurturing the development of citizens who think globally while acting locally, and by reflecting global concerns within our own organizational strategies and structures. Waseda University recognizes its duty as a member of society to measure itself, through its various activities including education and research, in an forthright and forward-looking manner against the challenge of preserving the global environment, a tremendous responsibility to the world.

Waseda University shall establish an environmental management system through the integration of factors contributing to the reduction of environmentally harmful substances and the realization of the recycling society, under which it shall actively promote the following activities:

  1. Waseda University shall promote educational and research activities associated with the preservation of the global environment and commit itself to nurture the talents of its students and faculty who will contribute to humankind and facilitate research on environmental issues.
  2. Waseda University shall, through education and research on environmental issues, actively educate and enlighten the members of its community, and disseminate knowledge to them.
  3. Waseda University, being always vigilant concerning the effects of all its activities including research and education on environment, shall endeavor to establish an ‘Eco-Campus’ with full attention to preserving the global environment by undertaking continuous facility improvement and pollution preventive measures.
  4. Waseda University shall abide by all laws, regulations, agreements, and internal provisions related to the environment in its activities including education and research.
  5. Waseda University shall investigate and analyze the effects of all its activities including education and research, and establish targets in environmental management and review the results regularly.
  6. Waseda University shall, in its all activities including education and research, endeavor to reduce global warming effects, to purchase environmentally friendly products, to cutback on the total energy consumption and the quantity of waste, and to recycle resources.
  7. Waseda University shall open to the public its policy on environmental management and seek the public‘s understanding and cooperation of its endeavors toward the preser vation of the global environment.
  8. Waseda University shall employ an environmental management system that will be continuously improved, first in its main campus, and make public all details of this system to all relevant people including Waseda students, faculty, and staff.

November 26, 1999

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