Peking University’s Chair of University Council visits Waseda

On July 24, Qiu Shuiping (Chair of the University Council at Peking University) visited Waseda University and had a talk with President Tanaka, Professor Genma (Vice President for International Affairs), Professor Watanabe (Vice President for Cultural Affairs, Regional Cooperation and Honjo Campus Projects) and Professor Sugano from the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

In June earlier this year, Waseda, Peking University and Tingyi (Cayman Islands) Holding Corporation signed a trilateral agreement to promote research and student exchange in big data, artificial intelligence, green computing and other technological and engineering related fields.

In addition, Waseda and Peking University have also signed various bilateral agreements such as double degree and scholarships programs since the first of such agreement was established in 1982. The two universities will continue to work together in the future to explore more opportunities to further promote exchange in research and education.

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