Swimmers Daiya Seto ’17 and Ippei Watanabe ’19 win a total of four gold medals at All Japan Championship

Over a span of seven days from April 2 – 8, swimmer Daiya Seto ’17 won a total of three gold medals in men’s 200m butterfly, 200m individual medley and 400m individual medley in the All Japan Championship held at Tokyo Tatsumi Swimming Center. In addition, Ippei Watanabe ’19 won his very first gold medal in men’s 200m breaststroke with a timing of 2:07:02 in the same championship.

Waseda University would like to congratulate its two alumni for their achievements and wishes them all the best on the upcoming World Championship to be held in July in South Korea.

Ippei Watanabe ’19 during the 200m breaststroke event (credit: Kyodo News)

Ippei Watanabe at the podium (credit: Kyodo News)

Daiya Seto ’17 during 400m individual medley (credit: Kyodo News)

Daiya Seto ’17 showing a relived expression when he won the 400m individual medley (credit: Kyodo News)

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