Real-time 4K video communication powered by 5G to improve safety of Japanese subway stations

Waseda University, the Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR), KDDI, Panasonic, and Keikyu Corporation successfully demonstrated communications through 4K UHD videos using 5G base stations at the International Terminal Station of Haneda Airport from November 21 to December 21, 2018.

Though transmission of large volumes of data was considered difficult with current mobile communications technology, leveraging 5G allows real-time transmission, collection and analysis of 4K UHD videos to lift some of the burden from surveillance staff in charge of constantly monitoring footage, detect dangers in advance and enhance passenger safety at subway stations.

The demonstration took place using 28GHz band base station, and video files collected from both 4K security cameras and robots patrolling the station were sent via tablets using 5G. The files were then received by the base station to be displayed on the monitor and VR goggles at the monitoring room. By collecting and analyzing the 4K files from the security cameras and robots on the server, they were able to detect suspicious individuals and objects which went undetected in the 2K video surveillance. Moreover, the 5G tablets were used for simultaneous interpretation and showing in promotional tourism videos in 4K.

In this demonstration, Samsung’s 5G End-to-End Solutions was used.

The demonstration was conducted as part of experiments to utilize 5G by the Telecommunications Bureau of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

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