From Memorial Hall to Waseda Arena

Three years have passed since the Memorial Hall on Toyama campus located just a few minute walk away from Waseda campus started undergoing major construction work to be transformed into a stadium called the “Waseda Arena”.

The Memorial hall on Toyama campus was first built in 1957 in commemoration of Waseda University’s 75th anniversary of founding. Similar to the Okuma Auditorium, it had been an iconic building of Waseda University where entrance and graduation ceremonies for students were held. In addition, it also served as a venue for fencing games during the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. As such, transforming it into an arena that could hold future ceremonies and sport games holds significant meanings to Waseda and the previously known Memorial Hall. Due to be completed in March 2019, there are also plans for Waseda Arena to accommodate Olympics athletics from overseas in the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics for them to use the place as training ground.

Entrance to Waseda Arena is nearly complete

Stairs that lead to W Space and sports museum

Greenery near Waseda Arena

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