Chiba Lotte Marines secures negotiation rights with Kazuya Ojima

On October 25, Japanese professional baseball team Chiba Lotte Marines secured the negotiation rights with Kazuya Ojima, fourth-year student at the School of Sport Sciences and captain of Waseda Baseball Club, at the Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) draft. Kazuya was the third player Chiba Lotte Marines picked among the pool of candidates they chose.

Kazuya’s comments

“I feel that my biggest strength lies in my body toughness. I would continue to work on and further enhance my strengths till the day I officially become a professional baseball player. I don’t think I’m one that is good at striking out but I hope that I would be able to be a pitcher that could throw balls that are easily claimable by my teammates.”

Coach Takahashi’s comments

“Kazuya has got the materials to be a professional baseball player and being the captain of Waseda Baseball Club, I strongly believe he is extremely self-motivated and would reach greater highs if he continues to work at it.”

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