Waseda University Senior High School student emerges as top student of Stanford e-Japan for second consecutive year

Chonan, a third-year student of Waseda University Senior High School has emerged as one of the top three students of the Stanford e-Japan Spring 2018 course. He has been invited by Stanford University to attend the award ceremony at Stanford to receive his winning award. At the award ceremony, Chonan will also be delivering a presentation on his research essay titled “Two possible ways to adopt a flipped learning method into Japanese high school classrooms.” This is the second consecutive year a student at Waseda University Senior High School has received the prestigious award.

Stanford University Scholars Program for Japanese High School Students, commonly known as “Stanford e-Japan,” is a distance-learning course offered in English sponsored by the Stanford Program on International and Cross-Cultural Education (SPICE). Every year, Stanford e-Japan enrolls exceptional high school students from Japan in an intensive study of U.S society and culture that underscores the importance of U.S-Japan relations. Ambassadors, top scholars and experts across the U.S provide high-quality web-based lectures and engage students in live discussion sessions. Topics included in the web-based lectures are historical topics such as the importance of U.S-Japan relationships, contemporary topics such as Silicon Valley and entrepreneurship, high school in the U.S, and other topics of interest to Japanese students.

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