2018 Autumn Entrance Ceremonies

On September 22, the autumn entrance ceremonies were held at the Okuma Auditorium to welcome 357 undergraduate and 650 graduate students.

Among them, 861 were international students from various countries across the globe including Canada, China, Germany, Finland, France, India, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam, the Philippines, U.K and U.S.

In addition to President Kamata, CEO Kintaro Ueno of Mercedes-Benz Japan who graduated from Waseda also addressed the freshmen at the ceremony.

CEO Kintaro Ueno of Mercedes-Benz Japan

The University hopes all students will have a wonderful fruitful experience at Waseda as they spend their next few years with us.

President Kamata (left) and CEO Kintaro Ueno of Mercedes-Benz Japan (right)

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