Leading by Example: Promoting LGBT Rights on Campus in Japan

In recent years, Japan as a whole made many advances in promoting LGBT rights across the country. For instance, seven municipalities now recognize same-sex partnerships and the number is on the rise. However, despite such progress, prejudice against LGBT people continues to exist. We still see people including public figures who went under fire for making insensitive comments about the LGBT community, and a divide on LGBT acceptance between generations. In order to fight such prejudice, as well as promote diversity and understanding towards LGBT students on campus, Waseda University became the first university in Japan to set up the Gender and Sexuality (GS) Center.

The Office of Information & Public Relations has interviewed Kazuki Taiga, a Specialist Staff on gender and sexuality issues at the GS Center, on the problems that LGBT people are facing in Japan, including how and why Waseda is combating them. The interview article has been submitted to the Chronicle of Higher Education based in the U.S, and you can view it by clicking here or the image below.

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