Waseda holds Regional Exchange Forum and celebrates establishment of China Alumni Association in Shanghai

On March 4, Waseda University held its annual Regional Exchange Forum and celebrated the first anniversary of the establishment of Waseda University China Alumni Association in Shanghai.

“119 years ago, Waseda University took in its first Chinese international student in 1899, 17 years after its founding in 1882. As of now, there are approximately 3,400 Chinese students studying in our campuses. Among the Chinese graduates, many have shined in remarkable ways and contributed to the development of China,” said President Kamata at the forum, as he reflected on the history and exchange between the University and China.

The forum was divided largely into two sections. In the first section, a talk on the University’s education, student employment and collaboration with society was held. Additionally, there was also a sharing about current Chinese students studying at the University in the first half of the forum. In the second section, representatives from the China Alumni Association delivered a speech and gave a talk on furthering tertiary education.

At commemoration ceremony for the first anniversary of the establishment of Waseda University China Alumni Association, members of the Waseda University Shanghai Alumni Association were also present. In total, 260 members from both associations and staff from Waseda University participated in the event.

“It has only been a year since the Waseda University China Alumni Association was established. In this short period of time, more than 4,600 graduates have joined the association. In addition to the head office located in Beijing, we have 24 branch offices throughout China, making the country the biggest alumni association of Waseda University. Seeing how our alumni are excelling in their careers, I am sure the participants of today will further their interests in the University. We will continue to provide information and guidance to prospective Chinese students thinking about studying at our campuses, and I urge more alumni members to share with these students, the rewarding experience you have had studying at the University, ” said President Kamata in his greeting speech.

During the interaction time, all participants stood up and sang the university song before the closing of the event. The University will continue to work with the alumni associations and form more exchange agreements with universities and corporate companies in China to further promote the development of research and education.

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