Akito Watabe ’11 emerges champion at Nordic Combined World Cup after three-game winning streak

On 26 January, a three-day Nordic Combined Triple games was held in Seefeld, Austria. Of the participants, Akito Watabe (a graduate of the School of Sport Sciences in 2011) emerged as the champion for the games after winning all three consecutive matches straight.

Watabe (middle) at the award ceremony for the Nordic Combined Triple games (Kyodo News)

In addition to his winning streak, Watabe also emerged as the winner for one of the matches at the NC Ruka Tour held in Finland in November last year. His winning of four games at the FIS Nordic Combined World Cup 2017/18 this season adds up to a total of 13 games in which Watabe has won so far in the World Cup.

Watabe at the 12th game (Nordic Combined Triple) at the FIS Nordic Combined World Cup 2017/18 (Kyodo News)

The season finale of this year’s FIS Nordic Combined World Cup will conclude after the final games scheduled to be held on March 24 and 25 in Schonach, Germany. For full details of the games scheduled for this season, click here.

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