Waseda Alpine Club conquers unclimbed 6,426m Himalayan peak

Waseda Alpine Club became first in history to summit an unclimbed Himalayan mountain

In the second half of September earlier this year, the captain and two alumni of the Waseda Alpine Club became the first to reach the summit of Lajo Dada, a mountain standing at 6,426 m tall along the Himalayan Range. It took them about a month before climbing to the top of the mountain on October 17.


Photo provided by the expedition team

In preparing for 100th anniversary in 2020

Waseda Alpine Club will be celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2020, the year Tokyo Olympics is to be held. As part of the memorial project, Norifumi Fukuda (captain of Waseda Alpine Club), Suzuki Yudai (former Waseda Alpine Club member) and Kojuro Hagihara (former Waseda Alpine Club member) formed a three member expedition team to conquer unclimbed Lajo Dada. They received tremendous support from alumni and sponsoring organizations in planning, preparation and training.


Photo provided by the expedition team

Waseda’s name crafted in history of Himalayan expedition

Three years ago, the government of Nepal lifted ban on mountain expedition for 104 mountains, and among them was Lajo Dada.


Photo provided by the expedition team

The expedition team became the first to reach the summit of the unclimbed peak where they set the Waseda university flag in place to leave their mark.


Photo provided by the expedition team

Comments from the Lajo Dada expedition team


Expedition team members – (from left) Fukuda, Hagihara & Suzuki

Norifumi Fukuda(fourth year student of School of Sport Sciences)

“From preparation to the actual expedition, we couldn’t have done it without each other. My greatest thanks to the team, alumni and our juniors.”

Yudai Suzuki ’17 (graduate of School of Law)

“We knew so little about the mountain. It wasn’t easy but we made it. It’s a dream come true.”

Kojuro Hagihara ’15 (graduate of School of Political Science & Economics)

“When I was a student of Waseda, Lajo Dada was an unheard name. One of the greatest things about the Waseda Alpine Club is that you get to set foot on unclimbed mountain. Do pay the club a visit if you ever have the chance.”

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