Waseda caters 50 Yen Breakfast to promote healthy lifestyle habits among students

2017_50円朝食 (11)

50 Yen Breakfast comprises of curry, naan, and bean dish, slices of apple and a bottle of yogurt drink

Waseda University started catering the 50 Yen Breakfast to Waseda students at the Okuma Garden House Cafeteria since November 13 (Mon). Working with four other organizations, the University’s initiative serves to promote healthy lifestyle by encouraging more students to have breakfast. Okuma Garden House Cafeteria will continue to provide the 50 Yen Breakfast to Waseda students every day from 8:15 to 8:45 A.M until November 17 (Fri).

The 50 Yen Breakfast is available on a first come first serve basis, limited to 150 students per day. The breakfast, whose menu changes every day, comes with Indian or Thai curry, naan, and bean dish as well as slices of apple and a bottle of yogurt drink from Aomori prefecture. Apple mascot and Miss Apple from Aomori have also been seen entertaining the students in the morning at the Okuma Garden House Cafeteria.
What is attractive about the 50 Yen Breakfast?

The 50 Yen Breakfast

  • helps to jump-start the brain
  • helps one to concentrate better in class
  • helps to keep the body warm in the current cold weather
  • provides essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals necessary for the body
  • is extremely affordable and costs only 50 yen (less than half a U.S dollar)


Menu of 50 Yen Breakfast and catering organizations

Over a period of five days (Nov 13 – 17), students will get to enjoy menu with a wide variety of choice catered by the following four organizations.

Inaba Food

2017_50円朝食 (13)Indian or Thai Curry (5 different varieties)
Bean Dishes (3 different varieties)

JC Comsa Corporation

手のばしナン 2枚入Naan (2 different varieties)

Aomori Apple Association

2017_50円朝食 (4)Apples from Aomori Prefecture


Morinaga Milk Industry

2017_50円朝食 (14)Yogurt Drink


All full-time undergraduate, graduate, exchange and double degree students.

*Please remember to bring along your student card for verification. Note that the 50 Yen Breakfast is available on a first come first serve basis, limited to the first 150 students.

Venue & Time

Venue: Waseda Campus Okuma Garden House

Time: November 13 – 17 (Mon – Fri), 8:15 – 8:45 A.M



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