Open Campus 2017 (Video with English subtitles)

Waseda University aims to simulate students intellectually and culturally through its rich and diverse research and school curriculum, as well as to produce students who are equipped with the required skills necessary to contribute to the society.

In order to let more people appreciate its appealing qualities, Waseda University organized open campuses for the general public on August 5 and 6 (Waseda, Toyama and Nishi-waseda campuses), as well as August 26 and 27 (Tokorozawa campus).

In the open campuses, prospective students, parents, guardians and visitors were welcomed to attend the general and respective faculty orientation sessions. Some of these orientations include talks on student dormitory, scholarships, study abroad program and job-hunting support services. Trial lectures were also conducted to allow participants to get a sense of how it feels like to study at Waseda University. Same as previous years, the University saw an overwhelming number of people visiting the campuses this year. Please enjoy the following video (made by one of the University’s staff) on Waseda University Open Campus 2017 filled with light-hearted music and scenes.

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