W-BRIDGE announces selected projects for 2017

Selected projects for W-BRIDGE 2017

Waseda University and Bridgestone Corporation have been engaging in a collaborative research project called W-BRIDGE (Waseda-Bridgestone Initiative for Development of Global Environment) since 2009 which aims to make contribution to mitigating environmental problems. The research projects and the respective research representatives for the 10th term (July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018) of W-BRIDGE have been selected.

The following are the main research themes this term.

Main research theme
  1. Natural Rubber Production and Sustainability
  2.  Deforestation Prevention Measure
  3. Improving Mobility and Accessibility in Face of Aging Population
General research theme

For the general research category, each applicant has to come up with a detailed proposal that thinks about, revolves around or deals with:

  1. Coexistence between People and Nature
  2. Saving Natural Resources
  3. Reducing Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Emission
  4. Reaching out Nature Preservation Measure to the World

W-BRIDGE designs, implements, and develops environmental activity models through the joint efforts of three parties – university, organization, and general public. It considers identifying outstanding activity models among environmental activity models, providing support and reaching them out to society as an important mission of W-BRIDGE. It hopes its initiative could help mitigate existing environmental problems and encourage discussions on these issues.

For more information on W-BRIDGE and the research projects that have been selected, visit the homepage here: http://www.w-bridge.jp/eng/

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