Waseda Night Run in ASICS gear

Running event in collaboration with ASICS


On June 29, Waseda University and ASICS Corporation organized Waseda Night Run, an event in which participants jog in ASICS gear to build physical strength, stay healthy, and become part of a new community. 24 participants including 17 students ran from Okuma Auditorium to Meiji Jingu Gaien, a course of approximately 4 km, in the first Waseda Night Run event.

During the event, participants test ran in ASICS shoes and received guidance from a professional running coach. Everyone made it safely to the goal point at their own pace. The comments from the participants were positive, saying, “It was fun,” or, “I would like to try it again.” They were given free T-shirts from ASICS.

In 2016, Waseda University and ASICS Corporation tied a comprehensive agreement. ASICS sells collaborative goods at Waseda’s campus store, holds lectures for Waseda students, and contributes to raising awareness for college sports through sporting events.


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