Yuya Oshima ’16 wins silver medal at World Table Tennis Championships

On June 6, Yuya Oshima who graduated from the School of Sport Sciences of Waseda University in 2016 won the silver medal in Men’s double at the World Table Tennis Championships. During the Championships, he was paired with Masataka Morizono from Meiji University. This is the first Japanese team to have won the silver medal in 48 years since the 1969 Championships held in Munich, Germany.

Yuya Oshima (right) and Masataka Morizono (left) at the World Table Tennis Championships Award Ceremony. (Photo taken from Kyodo News)

Yuya Oshima (born on March 5, 1994) won two singles titles and six doubles titles on the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) since 2014. Paired with Morizono Masataka, he won the gold medal in the Men’s double at 2015 ITTF World Tour Grand Finals held in Lisbon. He is currently ranked 26th in the Man’s Table Tennis World Ranking.

Yuya Oshima (right). Photo taken when the results for Men’s double semi-final were announced. (Photo taken from Kyodo News)

Yuya Oshima (right). Photo taken during quarterfinal round.


Yuya Oshima (right). Photo taken during the semi-final match. (Photo by Kyodo News)

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