Get paid and gain work experience as a Student Staff

Demi Aiko Mosbrucker– second year student from the School of Political Science and Economics

Student Staff at Student Participation and Job Center (SJC)

DSC_4414Have you ever wanted to experience working and taking up job with responsibility while you are a student? Waseda University offers a job position called “Student Staff” to all students on campuses who want to take up this challenge. You do not have to worry if your class timetable fit the working hours because there are no fixed working hours. Instead, it goes the other way around and the respective centers or departments will try to accommodate your schedule. As such, you can work anytime as long as you have free time to spare. Most importantly, you get paid while gaining work-related experience as a Student Staff.

In this article, Demo Aiko Mosbrucker, a second year student from the School of Political Science and Economics shares her experience working as a Student Staff at Student Participation and Job Center (SJC) in an interview. She is born in America to an American father and Japanese mother, and came to Japan as an international student 10 years ago. As such, she is highly fluent in both Japanese and English.

Q.When did you start getting involved as a Student Staff at SJC?

It was two months right after I entered the Waseda University in September 2015. My main job is to attend to students at the counter and planning events for Campus Tour.

Q.Why did you decide to become a Student Staff?

I have always wanted to do part-time jobs from which I can gain experience and apply them to my future work. When I started living WISH (Waseda International Student House) my friend who is a Student Staff at SJC shared her experience with me. After taking to her, I feel that it is a very unique and meaningful part-time job and decided to apply for it. A meeting is conducted once every two weeks by Student Staff where we share our opinions on university events and help out in planning and management. These are very good experiences.

Q.Do you have any tips on managing your time and juggling with school work, student club and working at SJC?

It was actually quite tough during my first year because there were many compulsory modules to read. But what is awesome about SJC Student Staff is that the workplace is in the campus itself and you can work during your free time between classes.

Q.Please tell me what you feel about the Student Participation Encouragement Committee (SPEC) and Student Job.

Demi participated as a panelist in an event during Open Campus in August 2016

I participated in an event during the open campus in August 2016 in which I introduced and shared information on Student Job. We talked about the benefits and attractiveness of Student Job and we took pictures together with the high schools students. In Waseda University, there are many departments involving in organizing school events. I feel that student staffs at Waseda are a group of very hardworking people who are committed to improving the overall university experience of the students.

Q.What are some of areas of SPEC or Student Job you think improvement can be made?

Although I had the opportunities to meet Student Staff from other departments through Open Campus, we stop seeing one another after it is over. I wish we had more opportunities to work and strengthen our relationships with Student Staff from other departments.

Q.What are some of your hopes for the year 2017?

I hope that many events will be organized and I hope more students get to know about the student staff at SJC. Recently, I started having interest in journalism. As I want to work in the media industry in future, I want to study more about politics and economics and develop good writing skills this year.

Q.Are you receiving any scholarship from the university or other organization? Could you tell us how much you are earning from tour part-time job a month?

I am not receiving any scholarship. If I add up both my part-time job at SCJ and home tutoring, that’s about 30,000 yen a month.

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