Illuminating the Waseda Campus for the holidays

Can you believe that there is only about a week left in the year 2016? How fast time flies, but it’s not too late to enjoy the beautiful winter illuminations of Tokyo. The Waseda Campus has also been lit to celebrate the holiday season.

A Christmas tree is decorated every year in front of the Tsubouchi Memorial Museum (Enpaku). It glows quietly in the dark and perhaps, reminds some of you of Christmas back home. The lights on Nammon-dori and near Building 22 glow with magic, giving the everyday scenery some charms. Purple, orange, blue and white… as people hurriedly head towards their destination with bitter faces from the cold, they are sure to take moment to enjoy the warm lights with a smile.

Christmas tree in front of Enpaku

Waseda Campus lit up at light

Near Building 22

Minami-mon Street

The illuminations are organized by the Waseda Illumination Project Committee, an official circle (club) on campus.

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