Nearly 700 international students graduate at autumn graduation ceremonies

On September 20, over 1,200 students were awarded diplomas and degrees at this year’s autumn graduation ceremonies. Out of these students were 732 undergraduate students, 1 student from the Art and Architecture School, 372 Master’s students, 91 students from the Professional Graduate School, and 62 Doctoral students.

Of the 1,258 graduates were 681 international students. Families from around the world gathered at Waseda to celebrate their accomplishments.


On the following day on September 21, Waseda held its autumn entrance ceremony at Okuma Auditorium for 877 new students. This number includes 354 undergraduate students and 523 graduate students. Of these new students, 726 were international students from countries around the world including the US, England, France, China, Korea, Australia, Sweden, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, and more.


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