Joint Research Promotion Program between Japanese and Swedish universities MIRAI 2.0 Kick-Off

MIRAI 2.0, a joint research promotion program between Japanese and Swedish universities, will be hosting an online kick-off event this October 7 and 8.
*This event will be held in English only

The MIRAI project was initially conceived during the Japan-Sweden University Presidents’ Summit in October of 2015.This three-year project seeks to promote long-term research collaboration between Japanese and Swedish universities as well as elevate the presence and recognition of the participating institutions. In total, 11 Swedish universities and 8 Japanese universities including Waseda University are participating in the project. Waseda has been actively involved in MIRAI since its inception, contributing to collaboration promotion during the previous phase by acting as the Workshop Chair for two of the four focus research fields, Ageing and Innovation (other research areas being Sustainability and Materials Science).

Waseda University will also take a leading role in MIRAI 2.0 by acting as one of the Japan-side coordinating universities and expects to strengthen ties with Sweden, an innovation powerhouse, through research exchange and collaboration.



Waseda University President Aiji Tanaka is scheduled to join the “COVID-19 Webinar” on October 8 (prior registration required). He will speak about Waseda University’s response to COVID-19 as well as the outlook for the future as the pandemic continues. Following his lecture, he will also engage in discussions with participating researchers including those joining from Sweden.


During the event on the first day of the webinar, Prof. Mikiko Shimaoka (Faculty of Political Science and Economics) and Assistant Prof. Rong Fu (Faculty of Commerce) will report the achievements of the first phase of MIRAI in the fields of Innovation-Entrepreneurship and Ageing respectively. The fact that two out of four research area reports are to be presented by Waseda University faculty is demonstrative of Waseda’s active participation in the project. The details of each of these reports will also be available in advance on the MIRAI project website.

Participants must register prior to the webinar from the event website. We are also accepting question submissions for the event, so please follow the link to submit your own questions.
*This event will be held in English only

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