To aspiring Waseda University students

Be equipped with a sound knowledge and theory of global standard.
Cultivate a well-rounded mind through hands-on learning.
Approach education as a combination of the theoretical and the practical.
This is the reality at Waseda University, thanks to a globally diverse educational environment where all students are supported in both life and learning.

With more than 3,000 university-wide common courses,
Students at Waseda not only cultivate the skills and expertise they will need in their future careers in the undergraduate education but also broaden their knowledge in a vast range of areas.
In addition, study abroad and international exchange opportunities connect students with the wider world, while student life and career support services help students address their common concerns and desire for growth and development.

How do university students grow and develop at Waseda?

In addition to the classroom curriculum, students have access to a range of opportunities, including ICC international exchange events, WAVOC volunteering activities, student clubs, and internships within the community, which ensure that university learning is a combination of both the theoretical and the practical. On campus, new students will interact with senior students who are themselves deepening their knowledge through the exploration of a rich diversity of ideas, as well as educational staff who offer experience and insight. Such resources serve to encourage new students to actually experience everything through their own eyes and ears. Guidance and support is also available to new students through student support offices, during professors’ office hours, at the Student Learning Commons and in any number of other settings.


WHY WASEDA? (2020 Version)

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