My Story of Choosing a Career

Fluctuate between hope and despair

2nd year, Graduate School of Human Sciences Yuta Nagao
Career: Sumitomo Realty & Development Co., Ltd.

My first job-hunting activity started in the fall of third year at undergraduate school. Back then, I focused on television stations, trading companies and energy-related companies. With an audacious image and for the wrong reasons, I thought they (1) were glitzy, (2) would enable me to go abroad and (3) would pay me a lot. Of them, I was able to steadily pass the stages of selection for a television station, but they forced me to wait a long period time, making me unable to try other companies, but in the end I didn’t pass the final interview. At that time, other companies I thought about working for had already finished selections, and I really felt that my job-hunting activities had a half-baked attitude. At the same time, it reminded me of the motivation I had searched for the job, and I felt I was a very stupid person. Early in April, I stopped job hunting and was determined to go to Graduate School and start it again after studying hard.

In the second period of job-hunting, I analyzed myself to find out what I really wanted to do. As a result, I thought I wanted to (1) take a leadership role in the job based on my experience as part of the staff at the WASEDA festival and (2) create towns friendly to elderly citizens from the viewpoint of my study at Graduate School. I thus started job hunting focusing on the realty business, but this time, I was so overcommitted to the industry that my intentions were not properly communicated to the interviewers, and I was caught up in a negative spiral. To overcome these adverse conditions and start all over again, I took a trip to a hot springs resort. What I experienced at the interview for Sumitomo Realty & Development made me really feel that I had been able to show what I really was and be recognized.

My character tends to fluctuate between hope and despair, but encouraged by words of seniors and friends that I would be OK, I was able to display my abilities. Each company has its own style, and a company that suits your character will definitely recognize you. If you fall into a negative spiral, it is important to force yourself to hang in and start all over again. Finally, I would like to share the words from the interviewer at Sumitomo Realty & Development (WASEDA alumni) as a message of encouragement: “As you can sell yourself for the highest price when you are a new graduate, never discount yourself!”

A 55cm red sea bream fished in Numazu, Nishiizu. An impression of the fish (distinguished record) is posted in the clubroom.
▲WASEDA festival: Author (on the left) selling an ad spot in a pamphlet

A true angler eats delicious fish after the fishing.
▲Graduate School study: Author giving a presentation on a study of elderly people suffering injuries from a fall

From 2012 January 19th issue (No.1268)