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Takahiro Shioide 2nd Year, School of Education
Secretary-General, Doraemon Kenkyukai

WASEDA University Doraemon Kenkyukai is a young club established in 2005. Those who love Doraemon get together, talk about Doraemon and nurture friendship. There are about 30 members of a wide range of generations from students to alumni. Our main activity is a weekly meeting, and we use a room in the Student Union Building and spend time casually, playing cards or watching movies.

Doraemon Kenkyukai also has a camp in September. In 2011, we went to Takaoka City in Toyama Prefecture where Mr. Fujio F. Fujiko, the author of Doraemon was born. We toured such “meccas” of Doraemon as the Takaoka Kojo Park (model of the back hill of Doraemon) and Takaoka Post Office (from which Mr. Fujiko posted his comic manuscripts), strengthening our love of his work. We also met Mr. Yasuyuki Yokoyama, Professor Emeritus of Toyama University, who is famous as the advocate of “Doraemon Research,” and discussed the attractiveness of Doraemon.

The biggest event of the year is “Doraemon Kentei” (Doraemon Test) held at Waseda Festivalevery year. Visitors solve problems on Doraemon prepared by us and are awarded with prizes based on their scores. Every year, the event is very successful and is enjoyed by many people. We also have a booth at Toyama Art Festival, exhibiting works reproducing secret tools of Doraemon.

Another regular activity is to go and see the latest Doraemon movie released in March together with all members. It is something uncommon that more than a dozen university students watch the movie surrounded by parents and children together, but as it is a Doraemon film, it can be enjoyed regardless of age.

The requirement to join our club is that you “like” Doraemon. That’s it! All the members of Doraemon Kenkyukai are looking forward to talking to more Doraemon fans. If you are interested, please contact us.

A 55cm red sea bream fished in Numazu, Nishiizu. An impression of the fish (distinguished record) is posted in the clubroom.
▲Works exhibited at the Toyama Art Festival. Reproductions of Takecopter and other secret tools of Doraemon were exhibited.

A true angler eats delicious fish after the fishing.
▲Takaoka Otogi no Mori Park. Members in jolly spirits at Doraemon’s Vacant Lot. Clay pipes in the lot are reproduced in a realistic manner.

Look at this! A flatfish caught in Kashima Port, Ibaraki Prefecture
▲The author is also the Secretary-General of Doraemon Kenkyukai

WASEDA University Doraemon Kenkyukai
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Doraemon Kentei 2011
If you try Doraemon Kentei by Doraemon Kenkyukai

Here are excerpts from “Doraemon Kentei 2011” prepared by Doraemon Kenkyukai and conducted at Waseda Festival 2011. Please answer “Yes” or “No.” Answers can be found at the bottom of this page. If you want to try more of “Doraemon Kentei 2011”, please visit the Doraemon Kenkyukai website.

(1) Doraemon is a raccoon-shaped robot.
(2) The number of whiskers Doraemon has is six.
(3) Doraemon is 129.3cm tall and weighs 129.3kg.
(4) As Doraemon is a robot, he cannot catch a cold.
(5) Among Nobita, Shizuka, Suneo, and Gian, only Gian has a brother or sister.
(6) In the volumes 1 through 45 of Doraemon issued as Tentomushi Comics, Dekisugi has cried at least once.
(7) When old things are wrapped by Time Furoshiki (Wrapper), they will become new. If it is used inside out, it can turn new things old.
(8) Honyaku Konjak that enables one to understand all languages when eaten has a miso-flavored taste.
(9) In the volumes 1 through 45 of Doraemon issued as Tentomushi Comics, there is a story without an appearance of Doraemon.
(10) The Fujiko F Fujio Museum in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa, opened on September 3.

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